VIETNAMAIRTICKET.COM–ONLINE BOOKING CENTER is one member of Baominh International Travel., JSC – Official dealer grade 1 in Viet Nam of national airlines – Vietnam Airlines and the other airlines in Skyteam Union.
Established and put into operation since 2008, we have always been one of the pioneers of innovation, creativity and organization in the field of tourism in Vietnam throughout the development period.

We are not only interested in expanding our business but also carry out our missions to connect domestic and foreign tourists with famous tourist destinations in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. with 4 star flights. Our service will bring you the most enjoyable flight experience.
Over 10 years of operation, we have provided our customers with tens of thousands of tickets from international to Vietnam and vice versa. We have been also receiving thousands of positive feedbacks from our domestic and international customers.

MANAGEMENT POLICIES is determined to follow to two main ideals:
  • Sincere in the relationship with customers, the trust and appreciation of customers is the driving force for the development of the company.
  • We always appreciate creativity, innovation in the work, from the employees to the management of the company. Creativity will lead to new ideas to constantly improve our service quality.
By being loyal to these two ideals we can have real joy at work concentrates on relationships with company’s employees, encourages and supports them in developing creativity and improving their living standards.


You just need to visit the website: - a website with intuitive design, much to the user experience without going directly to the store. Here you can easily make reservations for your flight. In addition you can find new information about travelling in Vietnam, new policies in effect for international visitors, promotions in the coming time, etc. even the evaluation of the customers about service quality.
We offer you the most convenient payment methods, you can choose one of them:
  • Payment via Western Union
  • Online payment using international payment card
  • Direct payment at the company office
Especially with the policy of booking for a maximum of 24 hours, you will not be worried about paying for your reservations right away anymore, you can freely arrange the work and prepare for the trip without worries about the ticket price increasing or space.


In the era of internet development boom, which has a great impact on our lives, understanding the importance of ensuring the security of all transactions, personal information of customers is our vital mission. To ensure that, a security protocol provided by the reputable security firm called has been selected. All your personal information will be encrypted to 256 Bit during processing. We are committed to using this information only for the sole purpose of booking on the Vietnamairticket
Only the information for booking will be secured on the server of, the information about your payment account will not be stored. is operated by semi-automatic model:
  • The system automatically receives and processes customer requests
  • Staff will check all information before sending back to customer.
With this model, any errors in the journey, time of flight, name of passengers on the ticket will be minimized, avoiding disputes and nuisances, which affects the customer experience of our service.


For any questions or feedback of yours, please contact our customer service here. We will try to meet your requirements within 24 hours.
Any feedback you give us on the quality of our products or services is a valuable contribution to our continuous improvement in service.


Beside the booking flight e-tickets, we also supply other production as:
  • Booking hotels in Vietnam and Indochina land
  • Vietnam and Indochina Packages Tours
  • Vietnam Visa, Laos Visa, Cambodia Visa, Myanmar Visa
  • Domestic Railway and Bus Tickets
  • Bus to Cambodia Tickets
  • Private Car rental
  • ......
If you need more information about the flight or any service about the tourism in Vietnam, please feel free contact with us through email or phone or skype.
  • Add: Floor 2, No 80, Hoang Sam Street, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Hotline 24/24: (+84) 988 795 232
  • Email: [email protected]
Thank you for choosing our services.

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