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Paypal is selected by our company in stead of some other international payment gateway due to its significant benefits that it can offer users and our clients such as:

  • High level of confidentility that minimize the leak of the transaction information
  • Guarantee the security in supplier’s and customer’s transaction
  • Fast, safe and convenient payment
  • Particularly, you can get a refund after transferring your money to an account thanks to the chargeback function in case you do not receive the service as requested. Therefore, you can be sure to avoid unexpected problems with fraud.
  • Moreoever, the popularity of Paypal worldwide is expected to be a great supporter for you to implement the online transaction.
Please refer to the following steps as a guideline for international payment transaction:

Step 1: Recheck your booking and the total fee of the payment

Make sure the amount of money in total is the sum that shown in your booking, because there is no additional fee for this transaction.

Step 2: Select the mode of payment via Paypal payment gateway.

Option 1: Implement the payment by using the Paypal account:

If your paypal account is available and the balance is higher than the total you need to pay.
You can select this option and fill out the required information such as:
  • Email address (the one you used for your application with Paypal)
  • Password for accessing your Paypal account (the password for account owner confirmation)

Option 2: Implement the transaction via international payment cards such as: Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card.

Definitely, you can make the payment via Paypal even when you have no Paypal account or you don’t want a Paypal account. Please select option 2: "Pay with my Debit or Credit Card" in order to complete the transaction with the international payment cards such as: Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card.


  • Please fill in the form with the required information to complete the payment. After successful payment, we will send you an email of confirmation within 5 minutes. 
  • In case of having any trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us via the email address: [email protected] or our hotline:  (24/24): +84 982 795 232 for immediate assistance.

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