Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s so easy to book E-ticket through the website:, you just access to our website and process 4 steps as below:
Step 01: Select one way or return trip, indicate the departure and destination cities, travel date, number of people
Step 02: Fill in the necessary information of passengers such as:
  • Full name as in passport (First Name / Last Name)
  • Your Nationality
  • Your Passport Number
  • Date of birth (With Children and Infant)
  • Your fly frequently number (If have)
Fill in the contact information such as:
  • Name of booking
  • Phone Number
  • Email (you need to provide the correct email because e-ticket will be send via this email)
Step 03: Check again all details for your flight and select a form of payment.
(You can pay instantly by using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal account.) Or you can choose to pay later to keep your reservation for a maximum of 24 hours.)
Step 04: Confirm your booking, in this step you will also receive a confirmation email from our system about your flight information and you can pay at any time during the valid reservation and keep track of your booking process.
For visitors with Vietnamese nationality:
  • Passengers are adults who need to bring a valid ID (identity card) or License.
  • Passengers are children under 2-year old and children 2 to under 12-year old should bring birth certificates (original or notarized copy), and mandatory accompanying guardian (Parent, or Guardian authorized by the parent)
  • Passengers over 12-year old but no ID card or lost ID need to ask for CERTIFIED FAMILY from the police at the place of residence.
Download the CERTIFIED FAMILY in here.
For foreign tourists, or Overseas Vietnamese:
  • Passengers are required to bring a valid passport (in some cases, additional entry visas are issued by the Vietnamese government).
See more regulations on entry / exit for foreigners or Overseas Vietnamese.
  • The above-mentioned documents must be issued by competent agencies and all documents which are not approved by organizations or individuals that do not represent the Government or do not have the competence are not approved.
  • Documents need to be intact, clear, not torn or have signs of correction
  • If you do not provide the required identification, or invalid documents, the agent or Vietnam Airlines will refuse the customer's flight without refund any fee.
There is absolutely no risk at all.
  • We are the official agent in Vietnam of Vietnam Airlines. All your personal information and payment information are 100% secured and committed to use only for the purpose of booking e-tickets as required by customers in accordance with standards and regulations of Vietnam Airlines.
  • We also use the Comodo Positive SSL security tool. Data on the website is encrypted up to 256-bit, ensuring all transactions on website: will be 100% safe against the risk of network attacks.
We provide our customers with the most simply and secure payment solutions such as:
  • Payment by Credit Card / Debit Card via VTC Pay payment gateway
(VTC Pay payment gateway provided and operated by Vietnam Multimedia Corporation belong to the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam)
Read more: Credit Card / Debit Card payment via VTC Pay payment gateway
  • Pay with Paypal account
Read more: Payment instructions using Paypal account.
Beside that, your booking is also available for up to 24 hours. Reservations may be less than 24 hours, depending on the type of tickets and its time to apply). Customers may make payments at any time during the valid stay.
Note: You can use your card / Paypal account to pay to friends and relatives.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • always show all fares, taxes, fees for each specific flight. The fare shown in the detail column on the right of the screen will not change during the booking process, and is the last payment to be made by the customer (including bank fee).
After your payment is confirmed successfully, we will send the e-ticket by e-mail after 30-60 minutes. (The email address for the ticket is the one you provided in step 02 when placing your order).
Note: As soon as you receive the ticket, you need to check all information again (flight information, passenger information ...) to make sure all information regarding your flight is correct. Avoid the hassle of checking in at the airport.     
  • According to the regulations of Vietnam Airlines, the maximum number of passengers on a booking is 06 people (Including children from 2 to under 12 years).
  • Each adult (over 12 years) is entitled to purchase tickets for a baby under the age of 2 in the same booking.
With domestic flights (departures and destinations within the territory of Vietnam), you are allowed to carry two pieces of baggage as follows:
  • 01 piece of handy luggage must not exceed 07 kg and total dimensions of 3 dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm or 22 "x 11" x 9'')
  • 01 piece of check-in baggage must not exceed 20kg and total dimensions of 3 dimensions (long, width, height) must not exceed 203 cm.
  • For international flights (with at least depatures or destinations outside of the territory of Vietnam). You are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage, as follows:
  • 01 piece of handy baggage must not exceed 07 kg and total dimensions of 3 dimensions (length, width, height) must not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm or 22 "x 11" x 9'')
  • 01 piece of check-in baggage (Contact agent for more details of checked baggage for each international flight)
Notice: For more information about check-in baggage such as:
- Price list for additional baggage
- Member of Golden Lotus.
- Check-in baggage for international flights.
- Baggage of limited categories / transportation bans ...
Please see more information in the BAGGAGE section or contact our agent.
  • You can book tickets before many weeks, even months in advance of your flight schedule. (A good tip is that early bookings will usually be cheaper than the one closest to your flight.)
  • When booking the ticket, you need check clearly the time because you will need to book at least 12 hours before departure time.
  • When you book your ticket and choose the form of payment, you must book at least 24 hours in advance and paying the minimum 12 hours before departure time.  
Vietnam Airlines offers customers flexible pricing options and ticket prices. Therefore, depending on each ticket class, you can change / cancel / refund your e-ticket after payment.
For details of change / cancellation / refund conditions, please contact with us or send the request via email: You must use the email which used in the process reservation for sending refund, if not, your refund will be not accepted.
The Refund will be back the original account 15-20 days after the ticket was cancelled.
According to the regulations of Vietnam Airlines: The amount that customers can get back will be the amount after deducting the refund / cancellation fees (if any).
Read more: Fare Types
  • If the mistake comes from our system error, please do not worry, we will handle the mistake immediately and you do not have to pay any fee.
  • If the mistake comes from providing incorrect information to us, you will need to adjust it as soon as possible, this adjustment may incur fees and you must pay for these fee. We will assist you with the process and procedures to correct those mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • For domestic flights, you need to be at the check-in desk at least 50 minutes in advance and at the security checkpoint before 40 minutes.
  • For international flights, you need to be at the check-in counter at least 60 minutes, and at the security checkpoint 50 minutes.
- After the above timeline you will be denied boarding your flight without any refund.
- We recommend that you should arrive earlier than this time and present at the airport at least 2-hour in advance for domestic flights and 3-hour for international flights to complete check in, the security procedures ... because it may take longer than expected.
We are very sorry, the change schedule is due to reasons such as bad weather, airport overload, unplanned incident ... To make sure for air safety and passenger safety, Vietnam Airlines must re-arrange the flight schedule accordingly.
If the new flight time differs from the original flight time of more than 2 hours, you may contact us to request a change to another flight with an immediate departure time before or after the departure time of the new flight, better suited to your plan.
Vietnam Airlines is a 4-star standard airline, each one with Vietnam Airlines is a new experience. You can enjoy the services on the flight such as:
  • Free one piece of check-in baggage (at least 20 Kg) + One piece of handy baggage (07kg)
  • Flexible ticketing conditions, giving comfortable for customer’s schedule.
  • Special privileges for passengers with Golden Lotus Plus membership card such as bonus points, free baggage allowance, free upgrades ...
  • Meal for free on long flights
  • Professional attendants, attentive services during the flight.
  • Feeling smooth on the latest generation aircraft, ensuring the safety of passengers
  • Other items are provided free of charge such as warm blanket, magazine, reading light...
  • Insurance up to $ 4 billion for the fleet of more than 80 aircrafts of Vietnam Airlines worldwide including the following items:
    + Carrier Liability Insurance
    + Personal accident insurance for both crew and passengers
    + War risk insurance for the fuselage
    + Liability insurance for war risks, hijackers, terrorists ...
We are very pleased to provide the services at the airport to you, please contact us anytime:
You can contact our customer service department at any time via:
Hotline (24/7): +84 982 795 232
We are very happy to assist you in anytime.

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